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You can choose from 2 header stylings:

Go to Customizer – Theme Options – Header – Header – Header Layout

WooCommerce Header:

One line header:

In the header are multiple sections:

Logo and title

Go to Customizer – Site identity to edit the title or logo.

Go to Customizer – Theme options – Header To style the typography and colors and spacings

Header widget area

Not available in One line header

Header widget area is a section below the Main Menu. To enable the header widget area, go to WP Dashboard – Widgets and drag and drop widget(s) into “Header Section“.

This widget area is suitable for text or HTML widgets.

To edit typography or colors of the header widget area, navigate to Customizer – Theme Options – Header – Header widget area font.

WooCommerce search bar

Not available in One line header

Product search header bar is automatically enabled when WooCommerce is activated. No other actions required.

To disable the header search bar or edit colors of the header search bar, navigate to Customizer – WooCommerce – Header (Cart, My Account & Search) – Search.

WooCommerce icons

The header cart and my account icons will be displayed automatically after you activate the WooCommerce plugin. Wishlist icon is enabled once you install and activate free YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin and compare if you install free YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin.

Cart and account links – you must setup the pages in the WooCommerce settings. Docs: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/woocommerce-pages/

To edit colors or disable the header icons go to Customizer – WooCommerce – Header(Cart, My Account & Search)

Menu Bar

Check THIS documentation

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