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Transparent Header

It is possible to define a transparent header on a post or page. This option is functional in “one line” header defined in Customizer – Theme Options – Header – Header.

Create/Edit post or page, navigate to right sidebar to “Enwoo Options” and enable “Transparent Header“. Once it is enabled, you can define color of text in header (title/description, menu items and icons).

In the Page Builder set negative margin for first section – see animation below (Elementor example)

Enwoo Options:

Negative margin in Elementor:

If you need define transparent header in non-page builder post or page, you can do it via custom CSS. Navigate to Customizer – Additional CSS and put there (replace XXX with your page ID):

For pages:

.page-id-XXX #site-content {
    margin-top: -90px;

For posts:

.post-id-XXX #site-content {
    margin-top: -90px;

See it live in our demo

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