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License Activation

In order to get updates, access to PRO features, demo and support, the license activation is required.

  1. Install and activate the Enwoo PRO plugin
  2. Go to your account – Orders and hit button “License Manage
  3. Generate the license key and copy it (One license key = one website)
  4. Now go to your website WP Dashboard – Settings – Enwoo PRO license and paste the license there
  5. Hit “Save” button

Common problems:

There was a problem activating the licence: Invalid licence key

You entered the wrong key. Don’t forget to copy and paste the entire key. The key looks like this:


There was a problem activating the licence: Licence Key was Already Activated for…

Go to your account and hit button “License Manage”, deactivate the key. Now you can use it again.