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Archive (Shop) pages

There are multiple options to style archive and shop WooCommerce pages.

All options are available in Customizer – WooCommerce – Archive/Shop

Options are divided into sections and you can define styling of each product element on archive page.

Global Options

Define number of products on archive pages and products per row.

Products with equal height – all products on archive page will have same height

Enable or disable the breadcrumbs and define the typography

Product Styling

Product – define the product border, spacing shadow etc…

Image – define the product image border spacing or background (if you use transparent images)

Title – set the title typography and color

Price – set the price (deleted price – sale) typography and color

Categories – enable/disable the categories and set the typography

Button – define the product button styling, spacing, shadow, colors etc…

Rating stars – define the color

Sale badge – define the color, border, spacing and position